Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Shabby Chic Flower Bib Necklace

Shabby Chic Bib Necklace - Curtsey  Boutique

I LOVE Sundays. I try hard not to work on design team projects, shop purchases or anything else that is related to compensated work. Instead, I play with the kids, attend church, take a nap and craft just for myself. I know bib necklaces are nothing new, but even with the hundreds of flowers I've made for the shop, I've never made a bib necklace.  So yesterday, I finally got around to it and I was delighted by how quickly and easily it came together.

This necklace features the dusty rose fancy blooms already available in the shop and two new types of flowers being released this week:

Shabby Chic Blooms (available today)

Medium Shabby Chic Blooms - Curtsey Boutique

Sweet Blooms (more on these later in the week.)

To make this necklace I cut a half moon piece of felt and hot glued my flowers as I liked them. I had a bit of extra necklace chain that I connected the cameo to with a jump ring and than I hot glued the chain ends underneath the flowers. Ribbon was added to each end with more hot glue and than a second half moon shape was glued over the first to hide the work.

The shop has over 50 different flowers in it and creating your own necklace is easy peasy!

More fun flower releases all week long!


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