Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Life Journaling Cards with October Afternoon

I've been creating lots of Project Life Journaling Cards. They are a quick way to satisfy my creative cravings without having to sit down and create a whole layout. Little Man has finally decided to give the "sleeping" concept a try and I've felt guilty using that block of quiet time for crafty purposes. I'm so behind that what was supposed to be "Spring Cleaning" has now become my "Fall Frenzy".

I used October Afternoon products throughout. I love their patterns and versatility. I know that these cards will go with just about anything, especially the pictures I just took of the kids for their first day of school. 

The cork bow is my favorite. I had no idea if it would die cut properly or hold up to the bending and it did both. Now I wondering where to get more cork cheaply and what else I can do with it!


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