Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eiffel Tower & Woodgrain Packaging

Die Cut Eiffel Tower and Wood Grain Kraft Bag
Curtsey Boutique
We were lucky to have new neighbors move in down the street this week - especially lucky because they have 2 girls the same age as my oldest two girls which means easy peasy play dates!

I wanted to make them something as a welcome gift and so I put this gift bag together. Ironically my baked goods were to large to fit inside, so they got delivered old school - disposable aluminum pan with a little note (not so fancy).

I still like the bag, though so I used it to pack up an Etsy order.  In retrospect I wish I would have stamped the "Carte Postale" post card with a script background stamp, but it didn't occur for me to do so until I had already mailed it - urgh!!

I die cut the Eiffel Tower from fabric that I had adhered to wonder under (it makes a serious difference in obtaining smooth edges with cotton fabrics.)  I've been die cutting EVERYTHING from fabric since I figured this out. I'm sure most of you knew this trick a long time past, but I normally figure these things out by trial and error - mostly error!

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