Monday, May 28, 2012

Dixie Highway Yard Sale & Eating Out Tag Digital Freebie

I supposed that being a historian, it shouldn't be surprising that I love old things. Whether its scraps of lace, old dress forms, embroidered sheets or sheet music - I love old stuff. What's better than loving old stuff? Buying old stuff and altering it!

This weekend my best friend and I are going to be cruising the Dixie Highway Yard sale - 90 miles of yard sale and vintage fun on old highway 41. We are lucky that it starts right here in Marietta!

If you're looking for more information on the Dixie Highway Yard sale here is a link to their facebook page:

In anticipation of finding lots of vintage loveliness I whipped up a vintage inspired glassine treat bag and a new digital freebie.

Curtsey Boutique Medium Glassine Polka Bags

These medium glassine bags are polka dot embossed at measure 3.75 x 6.25. They can be found here in the Curtsey  Boutique:

The red felt roses are also available in the shop here:

I'll be sure to share my vintage finds later in the week.

In anticipation of eating some local southern cuisine on our trip here is a digital freebie for you to enjoy!

Digital Freebie Eating Out Tag

Have a lovely memorial day,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Tag

Curtsey Boutique Happy Birthday Tag
It seems to be Birthday Party season around here! We are grateful to have so many friends, but we are also looking forward to a weekend when we aren't toting the kids to "Jumpathon Galaxy, Suzie's Petting Zoo, or the Glitterati Birthday Lalapalooza Rink".

As I've mentioned before when it comes to birthday cards and people not old enough to drive, my rule is:

"simple, sweet and very petite."

The shipping tags from my shop are the perfect alternative to a full blown card. They combine beautifully with paper bows, can be decorated with paper scraps and hand stamping and embossing come out crisp and clean.

Homemade in under 5 minutes - why can't dinner be this easy?

Thanks for stopping by and helping me to catch my breath,


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tag Your It!

My 4 year old had a birthday party to attend this past weekend. It kills me to spend an hour to make a card for a child who is just going to trash it, so I made him this cute little tag. What little guy doesn't love space and it has the vintage feel I so enjoy working with.

The shop is now stocking these lovely tags (2 3/8 x 4 3/4) for about .17 a piece. What a deal!  I love that the hole reinforcer is the same color as the tag and that the heavy weight cardstock embosses beautifully. They also have a matte smooth finish, perfect for stamping.

What do you think about the chevron pennant? I've been toying with adding chevron label stickers to the shop. So easy and fun to personalize.

Tags are available in:


If you like to try them all an assortment can be found here:

I also love that they tuck into our small glassine bags perfectly. A fun way to give a gift cards for teacher gifts or mother's day.

We've almost reached our first mini goal: 100 sales! I'm excited to celebrate our success so far and will be offering giveaways to say thanks for all the support. We also have a bit of a fun partnership in the works, that we hope to share soon.

Thanks for tagging along,