Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chevron Ghost Tags

Chevron Embossed Ghost Tags - Curtsey Boutique
The kids and I were just discussing our options for Halloween Costumes - it appears they are going to be some feminist version of the Avengers - 3 female super heroes with a good looking male side kick. I can't wait for the photos!

White Chevron Embossed Tags - Curtsey Boutique
This got me in the Halloween spirit so I thought I would make a few super simple ghost tags for treats for their church youth group.

  Just 3 steps to becoming "boo-tiful."

1. Trim along embossed chevron design along the bottom.

2. Hot glue buttons of various shapes for the eyes and mouth.

3. Add Black and White Bakers Twine ( I like about 12 inches)

The Chevron Embossed Tags are from the shop and come in an assortment of fun colors.

If you just want to get straight to the scary cuteness the Ghost Tags are also available in the Shop.

Have a ghastly good day,


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