Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Doing it For Duncan - Limited Time Gold Fabric Flowers - Fundraiser for the Campbell Family and Childhood Cancer Awareness

This is Duncan. 

Duncan is adorable.

Duncan is sweet.

Duncan is lovable.

Duncan is valiant.

Duncan is a fighter.

Duncan is 1.

Duncan is dying. 

Dying of a horribly rare and deadly kind of brain cancer. A Pineoblastoma  ETANTR. 

As far as we know Duncan is the only person to have ever have this specific cancer. EVER.

Duncan has done all the chemo and radiation he can do and his family has now turned to hospice for comfort and peace in his final weeks.

Many times when we are faced with tragedy too large to comprehend we feel helpless. 

But right now we CAN DO something for Duncan's family. It won't cure Duncan and it won't alleviate their emotional pain, but IT WILL HELP.

We can raise funds to help with the medical bills and expenses that come with fighting cancer. Funds that will help make this difficult time a bit more bearable. Funds that will show we care. 

GOLD is the color signifying Childhood Cancer Awareness.  

Doing it for Duncan
Limited Edition Gold Fabric Flower
Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer
The Curtsey Boutique

For the entire month of March the Curtsey Boutique will be offering this limited edition extra large fabric flower in vintage gold.

The flower will cost $20.00 and every cent of the profits will go to the Campbells.

You can purchase the flower here or by clicking on the image below.

Wear your gold flower, think of Duncan, prompt discussion.

Today you can bring comfort with a click of your mouse.


PS. To read all about Duncan's journey visit his family blog, Giggle Days.


  1. We had the privelage to meet sweet Duncan and shauna!! My son also has brain cancer, we met in radiation. I would love one of these flowers and will be purchasing tonight... to all who buy a flower... I say this all the time... where your gold asboften as you can and wear it FABULOUSLY and whenever you get a compliment spread childhood cancer awareness!!!!! :-)

  2. Tears..My son age 5 passed away from liver cancer. Your family is in my heart and prayers.


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