Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Halloween Glitter Candy Corn Pine Cones Tutorial by Andrea Amu

Candy Cones Tutorial by Andrea Amu
One day while I was glancing at some pine cones that the daycare children at my work painted, I got an insane idea to paint up some cones of my own to look like candy corn!  Thus, the creation of Candy Cones! 

DIY Halloween Glitter Candy Corn Pine Cones
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Andrea Amu

Here I first gathered my supplies.

 Then I got to work painting 3 different pinecones each with sections of white, orange and yellow acrylic craft paint.

Allow each cone to fully dry. 

Apply a heavy coat of spray adhesive to each cone.  (Work on one cone at a time until each is completely finished with next step of glittering).

You'll want to make these cones look as sweet as candy... sugar them up with some glitter!  I used plenty of Diamond Dust glitter by FloraCraft for these cones. 

Now you will need a fabulous container to display these festive cones.  I chose to use a wood berry basket from Curtsey Boutique!  I've embellished mine with a strip of tied on burlap and I've hot glued on two Curtsey Boutique flowers and a burlap star. 

I've also taken a strip of Curtsey Boutique's kraft masking tape and I've stamped Antique lettering on it with the words, "Candy Cones!". Apply the strip to a burlap tag and tie off onto the basket to complete. 

Looking sweet! 
Acrylic Craft Paint
Orange Raffia (to fill in basket)
Spray Adhesive
Alpha Stamps
Curtesy Boutique Products

For more of Andrea's beautiful work, click on her photo to visit her blog.


  1. what a cool project!!! I'm gonna have to make some:0:)

  2. Thanks, Connie!! They did turn out sweet and I will be making more of them myself! ;)

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!


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