Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Decoupage Candle Holder with Andrea Amu

Decoupage Candle
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Andrea Amu
 No better way to spruce up plain dollar store candles than with Curtsey Boutique embellishments! 

This is a great idea for customizing candles for a wedding reception, shower or simply for your home. 

Cut yellow dyed doilies in half and decoupage to a dollar store candle jar. Apply vintage glitter to the doilies and allow to dry.  

Tie blue and white Bakers twine around the candle and then finish by hot gluing a blue felt flower on top.

Curtsey Boutique Supplies  

To see more of Andrea's amazing work, visit her blog, I'm Living on Scraps or click on her image below.

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