Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Confetti Bag Tutorial with Jennifer Cowles

DIY Confetti Bag Tutorial
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Jennifer Cowles
Jennifer is with us today sharing this wonderfully fanciful confetti bag tutorial. Confetti is all the rage in paper crafting these days and now you too can add to your cards, packaging and layouts by following these simple steps below.

1. Fill one of the Curtsey Boutique's 3x4 clear bags with confetti dots, glitter punches and whatever other tiny embellishments you have laying around.

2. Sew the open end shut.

3. Cut square shape from front of wood grain embossed bag.

4. Use double sided tape to tape the confetti pouch to the inside of the kraft bag.

5. Embellish!

Jen used washi tape at each of the cut outs corners, a Curtsey Boutique paper bow and letter stickers to spell out her sentiment. This would make a great envelope for your invitations or a favor bag for guests to take with them.

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To see more of Jennifer's artwork visit her blog, Scrapbooking-N-Moreor click on her image below.

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