Friday, January 25, 2013

Freebie Friday - Vintage Digital Freebie - Boys, Airplanes, & Periscopes

Vintage Digital Freebie
Boys and Airplanes
Curtsey Boutique
I just looked at the calendar and realized I hadn't had a Freebie Friday in MONTHS! Time to remedy that. On my most recent trip to my favorite vintage book store I bought a gag gift catalog from the early 1920's. It has really great images for Halloween and the 4th of July, but also a bunch of little boys playing with toys and pulling pranks. I can never get my hands on enough images for my son's scrapbooks so I thought I share a few with you.

The image above is of two little boys playing with model airplanes like those Charles Lindbergh would fly.

Dandy Periscope Ad
Curtsey Boutique
Digital Freebie
This second image is my favorite of the two. It is an advertisement for Dandy Periscopes  Look at all the fun vignettes just waiting to be cropped and used. I guess little boys got in just as much trouble than as now.

As always feel free to use these for PU, CU, and S4H so long as you link back to the blog or follow us.

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