Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free Vintage Chore Chart Digital Images - Download

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It has been forever since I shared a free vintage image so here is a whole set of them!

Recently, I picked up a fun turn of the century book titled "The Fun of Being Good." It was a 19th century mom's take on "incentivizing" children to behave. For each day her kids did all the things they were supposed to they earned a fun stamp to place in the charts of this booklet. Once the booklet was filled, they earned a small prize. It would seem times really haven't changed all that much over the years! I do the same thing with my kids, without the stamps - they earn points toward a larger reward like a book or privilege.

These pictures are from the "morning routine" page of the book. The book was in pretty horrific shape and I tried to clean the images up as much as possible. I thought they would be fun for a chore chart or morning routine reminder.

Please enjoy using them for personal or commercial use, but be sure to link back to the blog when you do so!

 Vintage tooth brushing digital image
Curtsey Boutique

Vintage linens image
Curtsey Boutique

Vintage Putting away clothes image
Curtsey Boutique

Vintage Cleaning up toys image
Curtsey Boutique

Vintage Teeth Brushing Image
Curtsey Boutique

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