Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bakery Bags and Monogram Tags

Curtsey Boutique Monogram Tags
My new Christmas packaging and tags are just about all listed in the shop now.  I thought I would share a few of  my favorites. I'm loving the monogram tags with the scalloped edge and paper bows. My girls always think a present is more special when it has their initial or name on it.   I like the combination of these tags with the fancy bloom flowers, a bit of torn fabric for ribbon and the pinstripe kraft boxes. 

I've seen these bags called a bunch of different things; coffee bags, bakery bags, window bags - I'm not sure their proper name, but I do know they are super cute and the polka dot embossing adds a nice touch. I like that you can see your sweet candy treat or cookies through the window and that the tin tie tab folds down at the top for a secure and seamless look.

Embossed Bakery Bags by the Curtsey Boutique
Whoever you support, I hope you took the time to brave the weather and exercise your freedom today by voting!

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