Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vintage Dictionary Pages + Doilies + Paper Bows = Simple and Quick Packaging

Curtsey Boutique Kraft Bags, Died Doilies & Paper Bows
I love making detailed projects with all the trimmings and layers, but I don't always have time to turn every crafty gift into a masterpiece. Sometimes, I need a cute, quick packaging idea that conveys "I appreciate you and your special" without spending hours to prove it.

These stacks of embossed kraft bags are wrapped with a strip of vintage dictionary paper, and topped with dyed doilies and paper bows. Simple, elegant and very affordable!

My local thrift shop normally has 20-30 year old dictionaries with thousands of pages for less than $5.00.  I always feel like I'm almost stealing when I walk out with one under my arm :)

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  1. So cute...I have a friend who uses dictionaries in this it! Lee-Ann :)


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