Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Smash Book Mini Album

DIY Smashbook
Serendipitous Scrapper

I'm taking a break from posting and listing new Christmas stuff for the shop. It just felt odd to be covered in glitter and tinsel while I put the finishing touches on my kids' Halloween costumes.

I made this smash book for a church auction a little while ago, and have yet to have a chance to share it. The cover and back are a Melody Ross Chipboard album I found on clearance. The inside includes everything but the kitchen sink!

Homemade smashbooks are a fantastic way to get rid of odds and ends. I included the following items to name just a few:


lace remnants


felt die cuts

map pages

notebook pages



stick pins

fabric flowers

paper bows

dyed doilies

book marks


plastic record

paper die cuts


pattern paper


kraft bags

transparency sheets

Bows and appliques off used clothing

Shipping tags

Vintage Ads

Canvas and fabric remnants

lined paper

grid paper

dictionary pages

Cleaning up was AWFUL. I had stuff all over the craft room, but the expression on the winner's face was worth it. She is giving it to her daughter as a gift.

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  1. Wow, what a great smash book! It's so creative; terrific job!


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