Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boy Scout Digital Freebie

I think we've slain the computer problem beast, but its found an ally in horrible weather. No chance to photo my current projects and share them with you.  But I can share with you some more digital images!

Vintage Boy Scout Manual Cover
I recently found this very well loved copy of a Boy Scout Manual from 1921. I bought it for my older brother as a "thinking of you" gift. He is an Eagle Scout, amazing single father and one of the best people I know. He was and is an ideal big brother and thought he would enjoy having this in his collection.

Did you know the old boy scout manuals were chock full of ads and illustrations? I had no idea. Here is a fun one for "official scout uniforms". I'm going to scan a bunch of the images before mailing the manual off to him and share them here on the blog. Does that make this just as much my gift gift as well as his?

I've provided the original rich toned sepia and a version in black and white and army green. What a fun digital stamp the vignette of the boy cooking would be.  As always feel free to use for S4H, CU, PU so long as you link back to the blog.

Vintage Boy Scout Uniform Ad - Original Sepia

Vintage Boy Scout Uniform Ad - Black and White

Vintage Boy Scout Uniform Ad Army Green
Here is the Journaling Card I came up with using this image and one more of a scout chopping wood.
Serendipitous Scrapper Father & Son Camp Out Journaling Card Freebie

I have so much vintage ephemera, catalogs and fashion magazines and have gotten more and more involved in digital design this year. Are there images that you would like to see more of? Sewing and fashion items seem to draw the most views, but I am open to requests as well :)

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