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Chicago CHA Update #5 - May Arts and Ribbon Ring

Ribbon and lace can add the perfect feminine touch to a layout or fantastic texture to a card. Here are my photos of the May Arts booth and a great source for organizing your ribbon, Ribbon Ring.

May Arts 
According to their website, May Arts offers an exceptional selection of ribbons, including sheer, satin, grosgrain, silk and a variety of patterns and prints.  As one of the country’s leading wholesalers of decorative ribbons, May Arts has been providing superior products and the highest level of customer service for over 25 years. 
I have been a May Arts customer for many years and took a few photos of some of my favorite product I saw in their booth.

May Arts Crochet lace with velvet center

May Arts Woven Rosettes

Lots of May Arts sheer crumple ribbon - wired and unwired.

Check out this May Arts Sheer/Pull ribbon - you just pull the ends and tie them off and instant flower cuteness!!
To see May Arts entire product offering visit their website here:                               

To check out daily inspiration with ribbon visit their blog here:

Ribbon Ring
Once you have indulged yourself and purchased tons of ribbonny loveliness, how do you keep it neat and organized? With a ribbon ring of course. I wrote an article on them many years ago when they were new to the field and have used their product frequently. I like to hang my ribbon on their organizers on a dowel in my craft closet by color.
Their booth was absolutely phenomenal! All of these bakers delights are made out of ribbon!

Visit their website here:

Learn where you can get  Melissa's book showing you had to make all these wonderful ribbon confections here:

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  1. WOW that is amazing what they did with ribbon!


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