Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spackle & Muslin Bag DIY with Jenifer Cowles

Spackle and Muslin Bag Tutorial
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Jenifer Cowles
My Pinterest boards are filled with projects that use texture mediums and stencils, but until today I've been too chicken to try it for myself. Jen is back sharing a super easy project on adding texture to our muslin bags. I can't wait to try this out!

Jenifer placed a stencil over one of our muslin bags. Ensuring it was flat she used regular household spackle (found in any hardware store or even Walmart). She spread a thin and even layer over the stencil with a spatula and then lifted the stencil off.

Allow the spackle to dry completely based on the manufacturer's recommendations and then embellish. Jenifer topped her bag with our ruffled fabric ribbon, clothes pins,  fabric flowers and glitter butterflies.

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To see more of Jenifer's enchanting work, visit her blog, Stitch-Cut-Create.

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