Friday, March 8, 2013

Freebie Friday - Vintage Digital Images - Young Girls

Digital Freebie
1909 Success Magazine
Curtsey Boutique

Perhaps your children never argue or fight ... but mine, as much I love them, have been at each other's throats a bit lately. I ran across this image in a 1909 "Success Magazine" and couldn't resist the sweet loving nature the girl's are showing to each other. Though I know its an advertisement for Best & Co., designed to tug on my heart strings - it still made me sigh for a bit of sibling unity.

A mother can dream right ?

I've provided the image with its original frame above and cleaned up background below.

As always feel free to use this image for PU, CU or S4H, so long as you link back to the blog.

Have a lovely weekend,


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