Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sprinklers Rain Liquid Sunshine Project Life Layout

I've always been an avid writer. Writing and editing articles for magazines opened my first "professional" doors in the papercrafting industry. I struggle sometimes between the art component and having enough space (and discipline) on layouts to capture the story in journaling.

Last week I made my first "Project Life" type layout with this page protector that divides into six 4x6 compartments. I already had the page protector and these remants of paper from another project. The layout was very easy to put together and I love that I had so much space for the story. I think you'll be seeing more of these types of layout from me in the future!

The layout captures our first "real summer" day a few years ago when our Nemo sprinkler was pulled out of Winter retirement.

I created the jouraling card with a vintage image of a girl in a 60's swimsuit in photoshop.

The card is here for your own use and enjoyment.

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