Sunday, October 9, 2011

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Review

Sew Easy Stitched cards with Sentimentals Cartridge
 If you follow my blog, you know I have a pathological fear of sewing machines. They make me nervous - most likely because they outsmart me at every turn. The only tension I associate with them has nothing to do with a bobbin and everything to do with a furrowed brow and me stressing out. With this is in mind, you can understand why I was excited to try out the We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy product line. I have a few of the different design heads, the mat and the handle. I thought I would give you a quick review and my first two projects with the tools.
We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Stitch Piercer Tool System

 The Price Point: 
Sew Easy Stitch Piercer Tool: $9.99
Heads: 3.99
Piercing Mat: 7.99

The Concept:
The idea behind the product is pretty simple. Using the handle and the interchangeable heads, roll the tool across cardstock and pierce designs into your paper. Then use regular floss or string to stitch in your designs with the provided needle.

The Reality:
I had a difficult time getting the tool to actually pierce through the paper. I would classify this more as an embosser and even with that I would always pull the tool towards you when working. When I pushed away from myself the results were dreadful. I used the recommended mat and applied a great deal of pressure. The supplied needle was rather dull so I used the tool and then went back with my paper piercer to pierce the holes. Given that paper piercing templates are dreadfully expensive and I LOVE to make holes in stuff, I am still going to be using these tools, but I won't be buying additional heads. I will view these as embossers or pattern creators.

Grade Based on Advertised Function: B-

Card featuring Sew Easy "Banners" Design
1. Lots of different designs to choose from

2. Love the compartment in the handle to hold the needle - no more finding it with your feet in the carpet.

3. Because this is a free hand system you can make your stitches curved, straight or use them to outline and accent something.

4. Keep your packaging because each card comes with suggestions for doing several different stitches with the same head.

5. The mat is quite large and allows you to stitch on a layouts and cards without having to readjust your paper.

1. Needle is WAY to big which causes you to waste thread when you want to secure your ends or try to squeeze in that last stitch.

Card featuring Sew Easy "Love" Design
2. This tool is more of an embosser than a piercer as on each of the heads I tried the majority of the dots did not pierce through the paper.

3. On several of the heads key pierce points are missing on the design and don't emboss at all, because they are not even there. This was especially true for the "love" head as I kept having to look at the packaging to fill in the blanks myself.

4. I would love for the head to have a marker on it so I could know when the design begins to repeat. This would be especially nice for designs with wording. Who wants "ove" instead of "love" on their Valentine's Day card?

Please note this is an independent review, and I am in no way affiliated with We R Memory Keepers.

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Cricut Cartridge: Sentimentals
Tools: We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Product Line
Embossing Folder: Cuttlebug: Swiss Dots
Patterned Paper: We R Memory Keepers
Cardstock: Couture Cardstock
Bakers Twine: The Twinery
Floss: DMC
Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry

White Scallop Card
"Label1" cut at 4 inches from white cardstock with the "card" function selected.


  1. I didn't buy the mat with mine. It was either sold out or I just didn't know that I needed it. I ended up using a piece of foam (like the kids foam paper) and it works great! Just something I thought you might want to try, but then again, I can't compare it to the mat since I don't own it.

  2. Great tutorial! I have a sewing machine and can't figure out how to use it and have used this and like it. I too, have to go back with a paper piercer and go over the holes as well a lot of time, but love the way it comes out when it's all stitched and done :-)

  3. I thought the Sew Easy would be wonderful for all my paper embroidery, but don't waste your money. The heads wobble a lot.


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