Monday, October 24, 2011

Faux Hoop - Spider Web Decor

Halloween Faux Embroidery Hoop Tutorial
Altered embroidery hoops are EVERYWHERE these days, and though they only cost a few dollars to purchase from the local craft store I got the urge to make one at 3 am. Someday, when I'm rich I think I will build a crafstore which is only open when children are sleeping - that way all the night owl crafters like myself will have somewhere to shop and meet their late night craft urges.

So there I was, a girl wanting to alter an embroidery hoop with no hoop supplier in sight - what was I to do? Pull out some chipboard scraps of course and get to the making do we crafters are so good at.

Faux Embroidery Hoop Tutorial

1. Cut 4 strips of light weight chipboard and 4 strips of coordinating patterned paper with your paper cutter - dimensions 12 x 1 inches.

2. Using something uber strong and stickalicous ( I went with Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry) glue two of the strips together, overlapping 1/4 inch - repeat this step again to create an oval. For maximum cuteness be sure the overlapped ends are on the inside. Allow this hoop to completely dry - use binder clips if you need to maintain the oval shape and keep the ends together.

3. Adhere two of your patterned paper strips to the inside of your hoop with Zip Dry (Mod Podge would also work).

4. Using the Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge, cut the web from the "3DSpider" cut with the Layer 2 function selected at 8 inches from light weight white cardstock.

5. Glue the web strands to the outside of the inner hoop one at a time, going around the hoop in clockwise direction. Use a super strong adhesive again for this step.

6. Attach your remaining two chipboard strips together, but only on one end. Use Zip Dry to wrap and adhere this chipboard strip around the hoop with spider web.  The ends will once again overlap about 1/4 inch and this is okay.

7. Cover the exterior hoop with patterned paper and then cover the patterned paper with a pleated trim and lace edging. I used Zip Dry for all these layers.

8. Snip off any visible spider web edges that extend past the chipboard hoops.

9. Coat the entire front edges (the edge you see when looking at the hoop as it hangs on the wall) with black Pearl Pen. This really adds depth and dimension and gives the hoop its faux hoopiness.

10. Apply Ranger Stickles in Diamond to the inner and outer edges of the spiderweb.

11. Add your spider - mine is create from a fabric covered buttons, a sparkly button,  the ends of a black floral pick, and two regular buttons layered underneath to give it some height. A plastic spider would work equally well.

12. Add an organza black bow at the top and your wall is ready to be spookified!.

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Thanks for playing a little hoops with me,


Cricut Cartridge: Happy Hauntings
Cardstock: Couture Cardstock
Patterned Paper: Pink Paislee
Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry
Tools: Imaginisce: I-Top
Chipboard: Couture Cardstock
Pearl Pen: Viva Decor
Buttons, Floral Pick: Stash
Ribbon: Making Memories, May Arts

From the Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge, cut the web from the "3DSpider" cut with the Layer 2 function selected at 8 inches from light weight white cardstock.


  1. adorable, but the spider gives me the creeps.

  2. how fun and spooky! Wonderful

  3. I love your project and layouts in the other page. I would like to invite you to join my design team at We have weekly challenges for the design team members. I am looking to add to the design team in 2012 and would love to add more layouts to the site. Please email me at My facebook page is sweetsassydiva.

    Bobbi Jo Sweetsassydiva


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