Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chicago CHA Update #11 - Three Bugs in a Rug and Unity Stamps

 Welcome to Day 11 of My CHA Summer Update. Today we are going to check out the Three Bugs in a Rug and Unity Stamps booths.

Three Bugs in a Rug
If I am being honest, which I try always to be about my thoughts on product, I am not normally a fan of the graphic choices of Three Bugs in a Rug, but this show I saw several lines that were very cute without going outside my aesthetic. My favorite was their "Ashtyn" line which had the most adorable carousel and pinwheel printed papers. . Other new releases included "Under the Sea" with some super cute submarines on it, "Bake Me a Cake," which continues the current fad of bakery themed cupcake and goodie products, and "Deck the Halls" their Christmas collection. I am definitely keeping an eye out for these products when they hit my LSS. The owners of Three Bugs were gracious enough to pose for a photo and are pictured below.
Three Bugs in a Rug "Under the Sea"

 To check out all of Three Bugs in a Rug products visit their website here:

Unity Stamps
I don't think there were many booths which did not boast licensed Unity Stamp lines this show. I told a friend they were like the crafting version of the Beatles - they have simply INVADED the papercrafting industry. I think its been a friendly takeover however and I really like many of their new releases.

To see the whole kit n' caboodle of Unity's offerings visit their website here:

For your daily dose of stamping happiness visit their blog here:

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