Friday, December 3, 2010


If your holiday season is anything like mine, it passes by in a blur and only weeks after it is over do you realize that it is gone. Between the new baby and spreading holiday cheer, my poor craft room has been missing me. I have a pile of projects from trade shows this year that I have not yet posted so I thought I would use my December posts to do so.

I am not sure if it is considered proper etiquette or not to admit it, but I love this little blue clutch. I made the pattern from scratch, sketching and cutting out different mock ups until I achieved the right size and dimension. After I cut the blue cardstock out, I lined it with Basic Grey patterned paper and then wet the entire template pretty thoroughly with a spray bottle of water. I then clipped the top together with large binder clips and let it dry overnight to achieve the overall shape and rounded bottom a real clutch bag would have.

The chandelier is from the Home Decor Cricut cartridge. The picture does not show it well, but it is cut from a very pretty glossy white 110 pound cardstock. I individually glued the bling bits on with Beacon Adhesive. The silver "frame" of the purse and clasps are from metallic silver cardstock and the purse actually opens and closes by manipulating the jeweled brads.

The sides consist of accordion folded pleats that prevent anything from falling out and I think I could easily fit a few dollars, a lipstick and a mirror it in with no worries. I am hoping for an opportunity to use it in real life, because it is just so darn cute in person.

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