Wednesday, July 2, 2014

He's a Rule Challenger with Alyssa McGrew

Today Alyssa is here sharing a layout made with some of her favorite items from the shop.  Alyssa says:

My son is all boy, often covered in dirt and clutching a bug in his hand (or trying to hide one in his room).  He is also one to challenge the rules.  All the rules.  So, on this layout, I broke a few rules and used flowers and glitter.  He rolled his eyes and shrugged when he saw it, but I really don't think he minded.
Alyssa used burlap stars and glitter stars from the shop to make this adorable layout that has just enough classic boy to make it stand out.

To see all the products in the shop, including the ones Alyssa used to make this page, Click HERE.

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