Friday, May 9, 2014

Love Always Mommy Layout by Lisa Spiegel

Love Always Mommy Layout
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Lisa Spiegel

Have you ever pulled out a coat or purse after having not used it in awhile and discovered a $10 bill? It is such a lovely unexpected surprise. The same thing happened to me today when I was doing a bit of inbox cleaning I found one more project from Lisa that I hadn't shared yet with you - a lovely surprise!

Lisa filled her layout with doilies, a library card, vellum bag and our shipping tags. 

In her own words "I use all of these products on almost every layout I create!  I just love the subtle layering they allow and the ability to hide my journaling in the vellum bag is one of my best tricks to sharing meaningful journaling that you might not want everyone looking through your album to see."

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  1. Hee hee!! Thanks for sharing my page!! I love your products!! xoxo


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