Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Embellished Berry Basket with Shellye McDaniel

Embellished Berry Basket
Curtsey Boutique Designer
Shellye McDaniel

 Shellye shares a wonderful project today showcasing our brand new pint pulp berry baskets. She even gives a few tips on how to recreate it.

1. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit into berry basket.  

2. Using 'fringe' scissors (or hand-cutting strips with regular scissors) cut strips from paper bags.  

3. Crush shreds with your hands and then apply to top of the floral foam (I used a quick-dry glue to the top of the foam before covering with shreds).  

4. Determine placement for your forks and then insert into the foam. 

5.  Change up the fork display with different photos, recipes or notes!

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To see more of Shellye's amazing creations visit her blog, Papered Cottage, or click on her image below.


  1. One of the sweetest projects I've seen in awhile!

    1. Thank you, Andrea!! I'm in love with how it turned out :)


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