Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Kraft Bag Treat holders

I love crafting for Valentine's Day. Its just so much more fun to make things when they are going to someone you love!

Doilies and kraft bags are two of my new go-to items. Below are a few of the treat bags I will be doing for my girls' classes that use both. They fit the snack size kit kat's perfectly.  I think the felt butterflies and hearts are precious and I could hand sew piles of those together all day.

Hope my little ladies know these were heart felt (pun intended) when they get to swap treats in class.

They are of course available in the Curtsey Boutique.

Embellish Creatively,



  1. very sweet treat bags I like the swiss dot embossing on them to.

  2. Ohh, those are totally sweet! I love kraft and doilies!


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