Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where did that post go??

If you have been searching my blog of late, you may have noticed a number of projects have disappeared. I have been very blessed to have 16 projects picked up for publication over the next couple of months! When this happens the projects have to be pulled from my blog until one month after publication.

I have never been published in a print magazine before so this is very exciting for me. I wouldn't have had the nerve to even submit my work if it wasn't for the great feedback and encouragement I receive here on the blog - thanks so much!! I'll be sure to share snapshots of my pages appearing in print when I get my copies of the magazines!!

  I can't wait to share more of my creations with you and hope you are having a crafty day.


PS Don't forget the My Pink Stamper blog hop this Friday!!!


  1. I bet you've been getting lots picked up for the Cricut magazines! ;)

    You do beautiful work, so huge congrats to you!

  2. CarrieAnne, this is such wonderful news! A huuuge congratulations!! Your work is amazing. I'm not at all surprised that magazines are wanting your beautiful creations.

  3. congratulations, that is so awesome! What an honor!

  4. That's fantastic - Congratulations!


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