Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you had an Epiphany?

There has been lots of fun stuff going on here the last few days so I don't have a project to share with you today. I do have a great announcement though ... I have been selected to be on the Epiphany Crafts Design team!!

My personality and crafting style have always been of the "teach a girl to fish and she'll eat for a lifetime" variety. With this being said I love tools that give me amazing mileage for my dollar. It is the reason I love my Cricut Expression and it is also the reason I am stoked to be a Designer for Epiphany Crafts.

This company has some amazing tools for the paper crafter who wants to truly personalize her own embellishments.

Check out their website here: Epiphany Crafts

and this awesome Youtube video which showcases their button maker (The Button Studio) and their epoxy embellishment maker (The Shape Studio).

I promise you will be having endless Epiphanies when you do :)

Some fun crafty stuff coming later in the week,



  1. Congratulations, CarrieAnne! I can't wait to see what you do with these tools.

  2. YEAH!!!!! Congratulations Girl!!! that is just fabulous I am excited to see all the wonderful things that you create to share and inspire us :)


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