Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Sewing Flash Card Freebies

Curtsey Boutique Vintage Fashion Flash Cards

  Lately, I've been building quite the hoard of vintage publications, and because my inner historian has threatened my not so inner crafty self with an emotional melt down  I've come to the epiphany that I simply can't cut up a 1909 copy of McCalls. I just can't do it. But I HAVE to use these images!! They are amazing.

So I've been using trial and error (mostly error) to do more with Photoshop and miracle of all miracles I've come up with some Vintage Sewing Flash Cards. I'm planning on doing a whole set from A to Z (any ideas for X?) all about vintage fashion and sewing terms.  Feel free to download the two pictured here for free for personal use. I'll be offering the entire set in the Curtsey Boutique in digital and print in 4x6 and 3x4 for those who like unique Project Life embellishment cards.

Have a fantastic day,


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Perfect Pies for One!

Curtsey Boutique Pie Plate Gift Packaging Set
Are you a baker and a crafter? Do you love to give home baked gifts that you've gussied up? I do!!

I can't cook worth a lick - but I can bake like a champ. My mom tells me these use the same skill set, following directions, patience, etc... But I strongly disagree, its way more fun to lick the cookie spoon than the beef roast tester and being an instant gratification type of girl - cooking just doesn't meet the taste test.

But I love to bake and to give most of it away so I don't eat to much of good things.

So look what I just came across - individual baking safe, food safe pie plates!! I am going to make a bunch of for the ladies I visit at my church this month. So sweet just in time for Valentine's Day. They are available in the Curtsey Boutique today.

Individual Pie Plates
Can't you just see all the crafty possiblities with these?

If you don't have time to embellish them yourself you can always pick up the Pie Plate Gift Set in the shop.

Sweet Baking my friends,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laundry is getting so much more attractive

Curtsey Boutique Shabby Chic Recipe Clothes Pins
With 4 children and a sporty husband, I do lots of stinky, dirty, mind numbing laundry. I've tried everthing to make it more appealing. Here are just a few failed attempts at making taming the funky fun.

1. The Mary Poppins approach - "snap" the laundry is still not a game.

2. The Turn it into a competition approach - bummer the kids win again, they've used all the clean clothes up quicker than I can fold them.

3. The grin and bear it approach - who am I foolin' there is no one to impress in my laundry room!

So this week, while tracking down the one sock that has figured out teleportation way ahead of NASA it occurred to me - what's the most fun thing in the world? Crafting of course.

So I made a deal with myself, keep a positive attitude when washing off that stain of dubious origin and you get to go buy a brand new package of laundry pins and try that shabby chic stamping technique that you loved in that magazine a few months back.

Just doing the mental inventory of which stamps would fit on those little clips killed the time it took to do two loads of folding and pressing and now these little cuties are hanging all over my laundry room and kitchen and available in the Curtsey Boutique!

Hope your chores are going cheerfully,